National legislation

LAW Nr. 1515 from 16.06.1993
on environmental protection
LAW Nr. 1538from 25.02.1998
on the fund of natural areas protected by the state
LAW Nr. 239 from 08.11.2007
the vegetable kingdom
LAW Nr. 439 from 27.04.1995
the animal kingdom
CODE Nr. 887 from 21.06.1996
LAW Nr. 1102 from 06.02.1997
on natural resources
LAW Nr. 325 from 15.12.2005
on the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova
LAW Nr. 94 from 05.04.2007
on the ecological network
LAW Nr. 440 from 27.04.1995
on water protection areas and strips rivers and water basins
LAW Nr. 1041 from 15.06.2000
for afforestation improvement of degraded lands
LAW Nr. 755 from 21.12.2001
on biological security
DECISION Nr. 923 from 12.11.2014
for the approval of the Operating Regulations
DECISION Nr. 782 from 03.08.2000
for the approval of national park framework regulations, nature monuments, resource reserves and biosphere reserves
DECISION Nr. 593 from 01.08.2011
on the approval of the National Establishment Program national ecological network for the years 2011-2018